Conference on the Blue Economy Aims to Unlock Lithuania’s Maritime Potential

KLAIPĖDA, LITHUANIA – The eagerly anticipated third edition of the Klaipėda Manifesto conference on the blue economy is set to take place on October 10th and 11th. This two-day event will unite a diverse assembly of political, business, and sciences leaders in a concerted effort to explore opportunities for harnessing Lithuania’s latent potential as a maritime nation and enhancing collaboration between policymakers and the maritime industry.

Eminent figures set to grace the occasion include Virginijus Sinkevičius, European Commissioner for Environment, Oceans, and Fisheries, Ole T. Horpestad, Norwegian Ambassador to Lithuania, along with other prominent government and business representatives. The conference will also host presentations by marine strategy visionaries, scientists, and innovators.

Klaipėda Manifesto, to be held at the Klaipėda Culture Factory, stands as Lithuania’s ultimate networking platform, dedicated to all-things maritime. In addition to meeting fellow maritime professionals from Lithuania and the Baltic Sea region, attendees can expect an immersive exploration of the latest developments, technologies, and opportunities within the maritime sector, ensuring they remain at the forefront of industry trends. Key topics on the agenda encompass marine energy, the transformation of the maritime industry, coastal tourism prospects, and addressing the pressing issue of global labour shortages. Organizers are optimistic that the connections forged during the conference will pave the way for innovative solutions.

“We live and work in volatile, uncertain, ambiguous and complex times, where a lack of innovative and future-proof solutions can quickly lead to the end of an organisation or business. Innovation is therefore key,” says Andrew Wrobel, Founder of Emerging Europe, a data-driven and social-impact management advisory focusing on the emerging Europe region. “The complexity of our environment and the speed of technological development demand a wide range of capabilities that are difficult to derive from a single stakeholder. Only the collaboration of multiple parties can enable partners to integrate resources, sharing knowledge to co-create and develop breakthrough solutions. Understanding and unlocking the potential of collaboration, between governments and the private sector, across borders and across industries, can lead to those breakthrough solutions. This is what I want to focus on during the Klaipėda Manifesto session.”

As nations make strides toward energy independence, the European Green Deal, and climate change mitigation targets, renewable energy takes centre stage, with offshore wind, hydrogen, and other alternative energy sources gaining prominence.

“Seaports are pivotal in realizing these goals, and Klaipėda Port is no exception. We are actively steering towards renewable energy development, and we are eager to share our progress at Klaipėda Manifesto. This event serves as an exceptional platform for sharing experiences, ideas, and fostering cross-border partnerships to achieve shared objectives,” states Algis Latakas, Director General of Klaipėda State Seaport Authority, one of the organizers of the event.

Promoting Synergy and Collaboration

Diana Manko, Head of Business at Klaipėda ID, underscores the event’s most apparent benefit – an unparalleled networking opportunity. The conference will bring together decision makers from the governmental and private sectors, policymakers and industry leaders.

“Discovering like-minded individuals, forging connections, and initiating productive collaborations are undoubtedly more accessible in a live, physical setting. This platform offers a multitude of opportunities and synergies. Participants can engage with decision-makers, potential partners, and investors during dedicated sessions and networking breaks,” she says.

The motto of Klaipėda Manifesto succinctly captures its essence: There is a lot about the future we do not know. But one thing is certain: we will live by the sea, from the sea, and of the sea.

According to the European Union’s Blue Economy Report 2022, the maritime industry, encompassing transport, ports, fishing, aquaculture, and coastal tourism, accounts for 4.45 million direct jobs in Europe and generates an annual turnover of €670 billion.

The conference is organized by Klaipėda ID, Royal Norwegian Embassy in Vilnius, the Klaipėda State Seaport Authority, in collaboration with partners including the Shipping & Offshore Network in Oslo, Klaipėda University, Association of Klaipėda Region, Klaipėda Science and Technology Park, the Norwegian-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce, the Lithuanian Norwegian Chamber of Commerce, and the Lithuanian Maritime Cluster.

The event is supported by Ignitis Renewables, Klaipėda Free Economic Zone, KN, Lithuanian Maritime Cluster, and Norway Grants.

For registration and a detailed program, please visit the Klaipėda Manifesto event page.

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About Klaipėda Manifesto

Klaipėda Manifesto is an annual international conference dedicated to exploring the vast potential of Lithuania’s maritime economy. With each edition, it gathers prominent figures from politics, business, and academia to foster innovation, collaboration, and sustainable growth within the maritime industry.

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