09.24-26 Baltic Meeting Point

Baltic Meeting Point is a conference and a forum for cities and regions around the South Baltic Sea, dedicated to strengthening cooperation and best practice exchange.

Who will attend Baltic Meeting Point?

The participants at Batlic Meeting Point are key leaders from the public sector of cities and municipalities in the South Baltic Sea region – Sweden, Germany, Poland, Kaliningrad, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Mayors, city council chairmen, public managers in key positions, leading politicians and close associates of these persons are specifically invited to join Baltic Meeting Point. Individuals with the mandate to make decisions, create international networks and be key persons for the development of a stronger bond across the Baltic Sea. Are you one of these persons? Sign up for Baltic Meeting Point today!

You own the Agenda

We in Karlskrona strongly believe that a conference with leaders will be better if all participants can take part in shaping the agenda. We therefore offer you the opportunity use one hour of the agenda to lead a workshop, discussion or creative action where you can share your successes or challenges and get great input from the other participants.

What successes or challenges have you seen in your city? What creative solutions can you share from your home city or municipality? What challenges would you like to discuss with other leaders, who might give you new ideas about solutions? Let us know, and we will do our best to give you an hour!

Free of charge

The conference is free of charge. Included is the conference activities, dinner on day 1, transportation to Blekinge Institute of Technology on day 2, three lunches and the banquet. Not included is accommodation, breakfast, travel to and from Karlskrona.

We kindly ask you to register only when you are certain that you will participate, as the number of seats is limited.

Project Management

Baltic Meeting Point has been created by the Municipality of Karlskrona as a forum for cities and municipalities around the south Baltic Sea to strengthen their cooperation. This year the Baltic Meeting Point is created by a team led by project manager Niklas Carlsson.

If you have any questions regarding Baltic Meeting Point, please contact the project manager:

Email: niklas.carlsson@karlskrona.se
Phone: +46 455 32 15 24

Learn more HERE.

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