Project title: Baltic municipality’s food coalition (abbr. BSR Food Coalition)

The project BSR Food Coalition connects local farmers and public authorities to ensure regular access to local food meals at schools, and thus a continuous demand for healthy (organic) food supply.

The project is assumed to be the first step to identify the delivery chain flaws of biological locally grown products, green procurement procedures, and their practical application to facilitate the participation of local farmers, to inform society of healthy food principles, involve local farmers, and 1-3 schools from each partner region in the implementation of the pilot farm-to-school-program.

Together with partners from Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, the project will strive to search for solutions to support local farmers, increase sales and promote healthier eating habits. The project lays the basis for identifying and actualising the problems of the industry and may result in a further project application to help solve the identified challenges through a larger-scale project.

What is Farm to School?
Farm-to-school enriches the connection communities have with local, healthy food and food producers by changing food purchasing and educational activities at schools and preschools. Farm to school activities and policies are unique to location, and can be defined in a multitude of ways.

Project activities:

  • The survey (target group questionnaires) on the current school food systems;
  • The farm-to-school-program framework development;
  • Pilot farm-to-school-program implementation in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia;
  • Conclusions and necessary improvements after pilot farm-to-school-program results verification.

Project partners:

Lead partner – Klaipeda University, LT

Project Partners:

  • The Association of municipalities of Tartu County, EST
  • Kurzeme Planning Region, LV
  • Association Klaipeda Region, LT
  • Development Centre of Voru County, EST
  • Latgale Planning Region, LV
  • Sustainable Gastro, LT

Associated organisations:

  • Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania
  • Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Latvia
  • Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Estonia

Project budget: 499 972, 00 Eur (ERDF funding 399 977, 60 Eur). Association Klaipeda Region budget is 49 434, 00 Eur (ERDF part – 39 547,20 Eur). The project is supported by Interreg Baltic Sea Programme 2021-2027, Priority 1 “Innovative Societies”, objective 1.1 “Resilient Economies and communities”.

Project implementation period: 01.10.2022 – 01.09.2024 (24 month)