Bringing people and goals together.

Umbrella is joint project co-funded by the EU Interreg South Baltic Programme and helps to boost cross-border cooperation capacities of local actors in the South Baltic Sea.

The primary objective of the Umbrella project: To provide specific knowledge and skills in the implementation of goals and cross-border cooperation for local and regional entities in the South Baltic Region.

The project is directed to:

  • Non-Governmental Organization (NGOs)
  • Local and regional authorities and associations
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Business support organizations
  • Local governments
  • Local activists
  • Institutions for nature protection, culture and national heritage

Umbrella effect! Thanks to participation in the project you can:

  • Change the way of thinking about participation in EU projects.
  • Understand the opportunities posed by the South Baltic Region.
  • Participate in the project and as a result of the use of grants in cooperation with international partners.