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CaSYPoT Capacity Building for Strategic Youth Policy and Transnational Cooperation – is a project specifically designed for youth from four countries of the Baltic Sea Region: Sweden, Lithuania, Russia and Poland. The aim is to collect information about youngsters’ lives and issues, in order to find the best solutions.

CaSYPoT project focuses on cooperation of different actors: local and regional authorities, universities, NGOs, etc. in the field of youth questions. The main goal is to improve cross-border cooperation capacity of local ERB actors through creating joint knowledge-based strategic youth policy.

The partner municipalities will carry out a survey among teenagers to identify their needs and problems, providing comparable data. It is a form of sharing good practice, as the survey has been formerly developed and implemented in Sweden. Now it is adjusted to the national contexts of other countries. The obtained results will be analysed by universities and compared between the countries. Based on them joint knowledge-based youth strategy will be created in ERB as well as in the participating municipalities. It will allow to address several youth problems in the South Baltic area. Additionally, more tools for maintaining dialogue with youth and increasing their participation will be developed and tested.